Building Doors for Abused Children


Meta: Hurricane Maria severely damaged the wooden doors to the C.A.S.A. boys bedrooms and work rooms. Help make them feel safe. Donate $5.00 to buy screws, $10.00 for more screws, $40.00 for a frame, $130.00 for a solid door, $300.00 for the labor for one door, $550.00 for complete installation of one door. We need to replace 36 doors.


There are 36 damaged doors sheltering the boys and staff of C.A.S.A.. They are falling off their hinges, locking the boys alone in their rooms by accident. C.A.S.A. is a non-profit organization that offers services since 1991 to children rescued from abuse with the goal of healing and preventing the continuous cycle of neglect. Our fund raising goal is to replace as many doors as possible. When we fix the doors we bring a sense of security to boys who have not known peace in their past. We need 36 frames, 36 doors, 36 lock sets, 36 hinge sets and labor to install each door. The cost of one full door installation is $550.00 $5.00 will buy screws, $10.00 more screws, each door costs $550.00. Our volunteer group has engineers and carpenters ready to complete the job when you help us to purchase the materials. LET THE BOYS OPEN A SAFE DOOR FOR SANTA AND THE THREE KINGS Meet one of C.A.S.A.'s boys:


My name is Juan. I am eight years old I love Match Box cars. I never had one until I came to C.A.S.A. Hna. Sonia gave me one on the first day I came to my new home. The car is red. My father is in jail. My mother took some medicine one day and fell down on the floor. After a long time I walked out to the street. A nice lady called a policeman. I was frightened but now I feel better because my new home is C.A.S.A. I have my own bedroom and I have toys. I go to school, I take music lessons, I like art. But the other day my door got stuck. They had to take off part of the door to get me out of my room. I cried. PLEASE HELP TO FIX MY DOOR


Donna Sabater, Fundraising Liason


San Agustin Del Coqui, Inc C.A.S.A PO Box 127 Aguas Buenas, PR 00703 Carr. 173 Km 6.4 Bo. Sumidero,

Comunidad San Agustin Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico 787-732-7500, 787-403-4328


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